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Call for applications from advocates across Africa.

Keeping Girls in School Africa (KGIS) network is inviting interested individuals and organisations across Africa to send an application to participate in its capacity building and activation of advocates for girls’ education.

KGIS will host a workshop to introduce active advocates to the topic of girls’ education, and its impact on socio-economic development and teaches them about evidence-based policy communication.

Participants will learn how to define policy goals, identify target audiences, and craft communication objectives.

This Keeping Girls In School in Africa (KGIS) project aimed to catalyse a new Pan-African movement that engaged traditional and religious leaders as core advocates for keeping girls in school in Nigeria and Ethiopia.

The project trained and cultivated 877 traditional and religious leaders as advocates for KGIS and reached 418,000 girls directly and 2409 through webinars to remain in school.12,000,000 people were reached through media activities by Religious leaders and 9 Traditional leaders implemented 14 self-supported projects in their communities across the two countries. Through town-hall meetings and market rallies, the project was able to reach 1389 parents of girls who are not in school to enlighten them about the significance of girls’ enrolment and completion of secondary education.

Central to the success of the Traditional and Religious leaders’ advocacy were the 499 women leaders trained as mentors and advocates as well as 505 youth advocates that supported the initiatives at the community level; engaging and mentoring girls directly and engaging mothers and other family members on KGIS.

Call for entries

Please share

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