Month: September 2021

THE TAKE OF THE MINISTER OF WOMEN AFFAIRS ON GIRLS EDUCATION The Honourable Minister of Women Affairs Dame Pauline Tallen, contributions to girl education cannot be overemphasized. Girl child education in nation-building is the top priority in her mandate as the Minister of Women affairs. Educating a girl child has multiple effects and the role […]

Wengelawi Abersh Adugna, a follower of the Protestant Faith and a Leader of women associations/ groups in Amobo and surrounding areas has been serving as a KGIS network member. During one of her several community engagements, She said that “we need to speak up more for changing our communities’ attitude and practices. We need to […]

KGIS activities range from enrolment, retention and completion, through this, students are engaged in ensuring their completion of at least secondary education. In Ethiopia, female students are trained, and one of the participants is Beti Hailu, a grade 10 student from Awaro Secondary School, Ethiopia Beti has the following to say “the training is very […]

Download Newsletter During the 2019 continental conference on girl’s education, Aminah J. Mohammed, the Deputy Secretary-General of the United Nations (UN), addressed the gathering of traditional and religious leaders, women and youth. She stated that “Education is central to addressing some of the most complex challenges we face, from health, poverty and inequality to climate […]

REFLECTION FROM RELIGIOUS LEADER: THE COMMUNITY HAS SHOWN MOTIVATION TO SUPPORT GIRL’S EDUCATION IN OUR COMMUNITY Rev Dr. Daniel has shown enthusiasm and motivation in support of girl’s education in various communities. He ensured that the churches included programs concerning girl child education. As a result of the KGIS initiative, the church has aligned a […]

EMIR OF ANKA CHAMPIONING THE GIRLS EDUCATION IN HIS EMIRATE The wave for the transformation of girls’ education in Africa springs across emirates, in this edition we will see how the Emir of Anka, his Royal Highness Attahiru Ahmad, in Zamfara has demonstrated a remarkable commitment to advance girl child education in his territory. This […]

FRONTLINE LEADERs ENGAGING CONSTITUENTS ON GIRLS EDUCATION In Ethiopia, religious leaders are playing a vital role in mobilizing the community for informed action as they have a larger constituency base and grass-root structures where they can easily reach the entire population in any program interventions. Following the training of religious leaders on the concept of […]

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